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Is Chris Brown going to be someone’s father?

chris brown karrueche tranchris brown karrueche tran

Chris Brown has been joking about wanting to have a baby with on-and-off Rihanna rip-off Karrueche Tran, but it seems like it’s maybe possibly actually happening. Someone who goes by the handle @wackstar and apparently sells “Fly Fresh Clothing” posted the above photo of Chris and Karrueche on Instagram yesterday with the following caption:


Well, okay.

Lots of wackstar’s followers seem to think this is just a stunt to get his followers up, but you would think that Chris would be speaking out against this if it wasn’t true (since he clearly knows the poster and would know about this “announcement”), but… who knows. This is a nightmare of epic proportions if this asshole is actually going to be a father. That poor, poor child.

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