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‘Bachelor’ Juan Pablo Galavis is a major dickhead

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Hey, here’s something that won’t surprise you at all: former ‘BachelorJuan Pablo Galavis is – in addition to being a homophobic misogynist – a total asshole who uses women to promote himself. That’s according to “sources” close to Nikki Ferrell, the “winner” of his season who received a declaration of “like” at the finale and went on to experience months of pure torture before kicking him to the curb.

“The main reason Juan stayed with Nikki was to spite all the haters who thought they would break up, and to stay relevant so he could promote himself,” the insider tells Us. “Juan wants to be a soccer or baseball commentator, and also a manager for high-profile Latin athletes.”

Pediatric nurse Ferrell, on the other hand, seems to have been legitimately invested in their romance — but when he wouldn’t meet her halfway, she initiated the breakup. “Juan did say ‘I love you’ to Nikki, but only a couple of times,” the source explains of Ferrell, 28. “She wanted [him] to say it every time they spoke, and he couldn’t do that.”

Indeed, a second insider shared that the two had conflicting visions of their future together. “Everything Nikki wanted, he didn’t,” the source previously told Us. “She wanted to settle down and he didn’t.”

Geography was an issue, too. “They were not seeing eye to eye on anything,” a third source said earlier this week. “Juan wanted Nikki in Miami. Nikki didn’t want to leave her family, friends, or job. Meanwhile, Juan wouldn’t even consider going to Kansas…She couldn’t get him to compromise at all.”

None of this is surprising at all. He didn’t love her; the only thing Juan Pablo loves is himself. And his desperation to be somebody – anybody- big in the sports world is hilarious. Not happening, bro. You’d actually have to work hard to accomplish something like that rather than throwing pool parties in Vegas and going on dating reality shows.

Nikki seems nice, though, and it’s good she got away. She deserves a medal for staying with him as long as she did.

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  • Staying with someone completely wrong for you should NOT garner you a medal either. All relationships are complicated, and nobody knows what goes on inside any of them anyway. Also, anyone who goes on those shows, as contestant or “prize” is suspect.

  • Aside from his obsessin promoting his somewhat Latino-ness (what’s the big deal, are you going to erect a 300 ft. statue of Ricki Martin? Get off it.), I’m good with him loving himself. I love myself and wouldn’t let no hoochie cooch horn in on my self-promotion.

    But, I agree.. what is he going after? Just get a f***ing degree in something useful, like I did, in Engineering. Anything else is a waste of time.