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Kanye West let North West ruin an Hermes purse for Kim’s birthday

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Kim Kardashian recently turned howeverthehellmany years old, and for her birthday, she got a one-of-a-kind gift from husband Kanye West and more importantly, from their daughter North. They gave her a very fancy, artist-designed Hermes bag that cost thousands and thousands of dollars… only really it was North who had painted all over it and Kim is just dumb.

From People:

“Kanye had a box, a purse, this Hermès purse, and I opened it and I thought it was so cool. It was all painted really cool and then there was my computer and it said, ‘Press Play,’ ” Kardashian shares.

“I pressed play and my daughter was sitting outside painting the purse,” she explains. “I thought it was an artist that painted the purse, some custom thing. I thought it was some new artist, and it was my daughter. It was amazing and I have it all on video.”

Yes, you read that right. Kim Kardashian is unable to tell the difference between a custom designed bag from a real designer and something her 1-year-old threw some paint all over. God bless us everyone.

Also, only the Kardashian/West family would ever think it’s wonderful to deface a four figure bag with an infant’s art skills.

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  • I heard Kim wants Nori to get a job and lookit that! She already has one! A bag designer! Seems legit

  • In the real world, if a child painted all over a handbag that costs more than many people make in a couple of months; the first words out of mommy’s mouth would be “And this is why we can’t have nice things.”

  • you people need a life……he bought a purse and let his daughter paint it for her mom …. why would this upset you … people are truly miserable .

  • you know, i hate the kardashians and everything, but people are stupid when it comes to their kids. can’t you imagine some upper east side woman saying “i thought it was a professional painting but it was done by my amazing daughter!”
    that’s the shit people say when they have kids.

    there are so many other things about them to judge. you’re just being dumb with this one.

    • Nope, sorry. Kim and Kanye, as well as the rest of the Kardashians and their moronic “fans”, deserve EVERY bit of snark and harassment thrown their way.

  • These parents make me sick ! They are teaching a child that nothing has value ! Some people would have to save a year to buy one of those bags ! I’m a hard worker and have worked my whole life so I gifted myself one and it was $12,000.00 and that was a cheap one . I was on vacation in Europe with friends when I got mine and a friend got one for $28,000.00 and I thought she was crazy !!!! And let me tell you I don’t let anyone touch it because I’m scared it will get a mark on it . That little girl needs some guidance on how the real world works not the kardashian world or she will be in rehab by 10 because she can’t deal with real life !