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Halle Berry says Gabriel Aubry is a deadbeat living off her child support payments

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Oh snap. Halle Berry is currently paying former boyfriend and baby daddy Gabriel Aubry a cool $16,000 per month towards taking care of their daughter Nahla, of whom he has part-time custody. However, Halle has gone to court to ask a judge to cut those payments down since Gabriel is apparently a deadbeat who is living entirely off Halle’s money.

From TMZ:

TMZ has learned … Berry filed legal docs asking the judge in their custody case to reduce her monthly child support obligation from $16,000 a month to just over $3,000 a month.

Halle claims in her legal docs … Gabriel has stopped working and is content to live off of the child support, and that’s an abuse of the system.

She notes Gabriel is perfectly capable of getting a job … and by reducing the support it will allow 6-year-old Nahla to live a comfortable life … supplemented by his income.

Halle and Gabriel have joint custody … each has the kid around 50% of the time.

We contacted Gabriel’s rep … so far, no word back.

Not feeling deadbeats of any kind. I think it’s absolutely ridiculous that anyone at any point decided that a child would ever need $16,000 a month in care, anyway. Even if you were taking them to restaurants every night (which… no) and buying them new clothes every month, it would not total anywhere near that amount of money. No wonder he’s living large.

He needs to get a job, though, and the child support SHOULD be cut down – not only to prevent him from living the easy life, but because NO CHILD NEEDS THAT MUCH CARE, especially not when she’s only with him 50% of the time anyway.

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  • divorced moms of wealthy ex-husbands do this all the time. why is it bad when a man does it? if you are a mom that was an at-home mom during the marriage and argue to maintain that status even after a divorce…you would live off alimony and child support…no one would say anything to her because her efforts on the home front were worth the money she is awarded. Why can’t he argue this? I don’t see an issue. Men have to do this all the time. If women want equality and they are the breadwinner….welcome to family law, my friend.

    Just to throw out some more…K. Federline does this!

    • There doesn’t seem to be alimony involved here, so it’s a little different than the situation of a stay at home mom that you describe. No comment on the gender issue.

  • There’s no cap on the income of the moneyed parent? Child support is based off of a percentage of what a parent earns…here in NY, there’s an income cap for that. Probably just for a situation like this because really? $16,000 a month for child support? That’s extremely excessive.

  • I never received a dime of child support from my daughters DEADBEAT DAD for 29 years and then when I did get a check for $ 485.00 I got a letter from the state demanding I pay it back! Because in Washington state 10 years after the child turns 18 the staute of limitations runs out and they are no longer liable! He owed me over $50 thousand dollars in back child support! Which he just gets to walk away scot free and live on disability while I pay him back! Who passed this law?? I worked two jobs while my daughter grew up and could not afford to send her to college! While he hid out in the hawaiian islands! Now he lives off the state! So if any of you who live in Wa. state have a dead beat dad file a civil suit before it is to late!