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Amanda Bynes has a secret crazy Twitter account

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Amanda Bynes used to run wild on Twitter, but that got shut down when she was put on her 5150 hold. While she has come back to the @amandabynes handle once or twice, it turns out that’s her team/parents running that account, presumably to make Amanda seem far more lucid than she is in reality. So what did Amanda do? She got a “secret” Twitter account using the handle @PersianLA27… and guys, it’s nuts.

Here are a few random treats for you:


I mean, it goes on and on from there. The account only has about 7,900 followers but Perez Hilton converses with her all the time and it’s pretty widely known that this is Amanda. We even had a tipster send in the suggestion to follow the account yesterday (so thanks @MoaningMomma for the tip, and you’re welcome everyone else!). You can gleam a lot from reading down the timeline. Amanda claims she wasn’t kicked out of fashion school, that she was never arrested and it wasn’t her because she doesn’t do drugs (while tweeting about drugs in other posts), that she wants to be known by the name Ashley now instead of Amanda, yada yada. Is it a giant hoax? Who knows.

Apparently Amanda’s hairdresser is sticking up for her, claiming that she ‘can’t trust anybody’ since her second DUI arrest and the media is basically being awful to her (via People):

“She’s very well aware that everyone’s attacking her,” says Lindsey White, a hairstylist who’s worked on Bynes’s mane several times in the last month. “She can’t really trust anybody.”

“She is such a sweet person,” White says. “It sucks that somebody doesn’t even want to go outside to a restaurant because they’re so paranoid about the way they look because they’ve been so trashed by the media.”

Maybe Lindsey White needs to realize that she’s part of the problem since she’s TALKING TO A CELEBRITY GOSSIP MAGAZINE. Do people really not understand the meaning of hypocrisy these days?! Lord almighty.

P.S. Sorry, I’m in a gif-fy mood today.

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