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Kylie Jenner got extensions

kylie jenner

Today in incredibly important news that you definitely need to know to get through your day, Kylie Jenner got hair extensions! It seems she got them for a photoshoot but has decided to keep them for a while – along with her trademark ultra pouty lips – at least long enough to take several Instagram pics.

Look, I know Kylie is like, 17 and has probably had a ton of plastic surgery/”cosmetic enhancements” already, but her style is impeccable. Kendall is whatever, she’s making it as a model or whatever, but Kylie’s fashion and makeup sense is on POINT. It’s kinda the only decent thing I can say about the girl, but I suppose that’s enough.


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  • She got more than extensions. More like a full-face remodel and big ass fake lips. Fucking gross. She’s not even 21 yet. These people are shit from satan’s ass.

  • 21? She’s not even 18. And looks taxidermied here. That nude bra underneath a top like that is the real tragedy here though.

  • I know she is pretty and that’s just fine, yet she still reminds me of a weird Asian stripper. Not trying to degrade Asians, it’s just…why is she doing this china doll stripper black hair ???

  • Those are extensions anyway something about her face is not right. Did she have lip fillers or surgery? cause her lips never looked like that before. They were naturally thinner. Or is it some special type of makeup application technique?