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Beyonce might be pregnant again

beyonce jay-z

I don’t think anyone actually really knows what’s going on with Beyoncé and Jay-Z. First they can’t stand each other and are planning to divorce and now all of a sudden Bey is pregnant again, apparently. At least that’s what OK Magazine and MediaTakeOut are saying.

He’s informed their entire entourage that they need to use relaxed voices, mellow lighting, and listen only to soft music, and he’s said that all of the food Beyonce’s eat should be organic. He’s really doing his best to make sure that she’s as comfortable and healthy as possible.

Yeah, okay – I don’t really think so, but I guess you never know. I just hope they don’t end up actually having another baby to shut up reports that their marriage is falling apart. That’s a recipe for disaster if ever I’ve heard one.

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  • Oh my god, the overexposure is real. I WISH they would go ahead and get divorced. Like, just file the papers and get it over with. Tired of hearing about them.

  • That propaganda photo, GROSS! Sick of these false-story-planting narcissists as well. The dumbass public just eats this shit up – sad.