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Janet Jackson is still banned from the Super Bowl

janet jackson wardrobe malfunction

The NFL has really taken shit to the next level, since apparently Janet Jackson is STILL banned from the Super Bowl 10 years after that fateful “wardrobe malfunction” in which she slipped a little nip, like it actually matters.

Several pop acts are apparently on the shortlist at the moment to perform at the upcoming game – people like Katy Perry, Rihanna and Coldplay – but when TMZ reached out to ask if they were at all close to a decision, here’s what they said:

TMZ Sports reached out to the NFL to discuss possible acts at Super Bowl XLIX (49) in Arizona next year — and while the league wouldn’t say who’s in the running, they did issue the following statement:

“As for potential acts — we have only ruled out Janet Jackson.”

No word on how Justin Timberlake escaped the ire of the NFL — considering he played a key role in the infamous “wardrobe malfunction” that day — but if he’s NOT banned, BOOK HIS ASS!!!

Shaking my head at the woman having to take all the heat here, and also at America’s uptight bullshit about female nudity. Newsflash: Women have breasts. Your mother has breasts. It’s only sexualized when you make it so.

Let’s all just be honest and say that Janet Jackson wouldn’t be in the running because she hasn’t done anything interesting in the past decade, NOT over some bullshit Nipplegate crap.

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  • She staged it to accidentally happen with the equally crude and mocking conventions Justin. She drove Michael’s daughter Paris to to feel unloved, panic and a have breakdown because of jealousy. They are not nice and very talented without some insensitive controversy..

  • I think Janet would have been a much more successful artist hadn’t the nipplegate happened. She and Justin Timberlake were on a similar level of fame but her workload dropped to zero after it, and her career will never pick up. She’s irrelevant because of that, because of sexism and misogyny, and let’s face it, because she is Black (I don’t think a white woman would have been as punished), whereas he was allowed to continue with his career and became the super selling artist that he is today.

  • PFFT. Justin Timberlake wasn’t the one who showed something inappropriate at the SUPER BOWL. Janet Jackson did.

    Too bad – she’s being treated EXACTLY as she deserves.

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