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Best And Worst Celebrity Looks Of The Week!

As you can see, Kim Kardashian went for that ~~sexy caterer~~ look.

As you can see, Kim Kardashian went for that ~~sexy caterer~~ look.

Let’s add a little levity to our lives with another round of best and worst celebrity looks of the week! Last week we saw Rose McGowan channeling Liza Minnelli. Can we top that this week? We’re gonna try. We’ve got some Teen Choice Awards looks for ya.

Go through the photos and make your pick for who has the BEST, WORST, and most WTF look of the week! As always, my picks are at the bottom.



Aubrey Plaza, that dress is diabolical, get rid of it. It’s all the worst elements of vintage fashion in one garment.


I don’t know why Daniel Radcliffe ditched the tie. He looks like a chill priest.



I think Elisabeth Moss nailed it again — so pretty! — and BTW if you haven’t seen this movie (The One I Love) you should see it now. Very weird and interesting film.



Here’s Greer Grammer in what looks like an Austin Powers fembot costume. Not a fan.



And here we have Hilary Duff looking a tad awkward. This whole looks is also a little too ’90s for me. Kinda reminds me of something Posh would wear when she was with the Spice Girls.



Iggy Azalea about to perform at this Pandora event. I guess if Hilary’s Posh, Iggy is Sporty.



I just want to take this moment to ask, what the hell is going on with Jason Schwartzman?



Even in the simplest of outfits, Jessica Alba looks stunning.



Jordin Sparks…I have no words. I mean, I can think of some words, like awful and terrible. Will those work?



And here we have Katie Holmes in casual cute…



…and feminine fancy. Which outfit do you prefer?



Had to share another outfit of Kim Kardashian‘s because WTF is this. It’s so awful, I can’t even begin to describe it. It’s a masterclass in awful.



Here’s Kirsten Dunst in a denim dress, and you have to ask yourself: is it cute, or is it frumpy? Such a fine line, isn’t it?



Here’s someone named Laura Rooper. I thought this was an interesting look worth sharing. I want to like it but I am reminded of the Flying Nun.



Here’s Meryl Streep with Odeya Rush and Katie Holmes. I like Ms. Rush’s dress very much, but I simply adore what Meryl is wearing — it’s youthful without being too young. She looks great.



Reese Witherspoon. Love the dress, not too keen on the hat.



I love this look on Selena Gomez. It’s so fresh, especially for her — no crop tops or ’90s throwbacks!



Whereas Taylor Swiftthough stunning, is just “…”. I mean, what do you even say about this? This looks like something Judy Jetson would go clubbing in. (Yeah, my references are super fresh.)



Finally, Ms. Zendaya Coleman. This whole looks it way too Barbie for me. I like pink too, but chill.

Time to make your picks! Here’s mine:

BEST: Selena Gomez
WORST: Kim Kardashian (either outfit, take your pick)
WTF: Jordin Sparks

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  • best: Elisabeth Moss
    worst: Jordin Sparks
    wtf: Laura Rooper

    To answer the Ms. Katie Holmes question…I like her outfit better when it is the casual one, she looks less bobble head like!!

  • First of all, never, ever stop doing this. It’s hands down my fav article of the week…and your comments are always spot on. That being said…

    Best: Jessica Alba & Selena Gomez
    Worst: Jordan Sparks
    WTF: Iggy Azaelia

    *honorable mention to Reese for her cute dress and wisely paired accessories

  • all of those outfits look great. you should empower people a bit more than just rip on their outfits. what makes you such an expert?