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Kim Kardashian Megapost: Name changes, fat asses and more!

kim kardashian west

I’m trying to be helpful here and show mercy here by condensing all the Kim Kardashian news you can handle into one post instead of spreading it throughout the day, because that’s just cruel. I couldn’t do it to you. So let’s just get down to the nitty gritty, shall we?

First order of business: Kim “officially” changed her legal last name to West, apparently. She announced this on Instagram, as you do, with the photo above – which she claims is her new passport photo, by the way. Like, what? Considering the photo is about 80% forehead and it’s clearly taken from above, I’m not quite sure it’s legal to use it on a passport, but whatever. She’s said before that her name is her brand so she couldn’t really change it, so I’m imagining this is just for documentation purposes and she will not be Kim West anytime soon in public. Also, for someone so rich, she sure is bad at contouring. Disaster!

kim kardashian kylie jenner

The other story is that Kim went on Twitter and started whining about how fat she is and how she desperately needs to get skinny again and is going off carbs so she can get rid of her big ass and hips and get back to her pre-baby weight. She even put a photo of herself at dinner with sister Kylie Jenner, admonishing her for “trying to make [her] eat carbs”. Insert eyeroll here.

kim kardashian diet

kim kardashian diet 2

kim kardashian diet 3

Why do I feel like she’s finally starting to regret shooting fat into her ass at the cosmetic surgeon’s office a few years back to get the legendary Kim Kardashian backside? Look, Kim Kardashian is not fat, and she knows she’s not fat – she’s carrying on like that in a public forum for attention because that’s the name of the game. But seriously, if she really is feeling the pressure all of a sudden to lose more weight, I have a sneaking suspicion that’s coming from Kanye “my woman is the most perfect in the world” West.

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  • she is so full of crap! i know when i feel fat, i don’t post pictures of myself in a bikini CONSTANTLY. as a matter of fact, NORMAL women doesn’t post ANY pictures of themselves when they are feeling fat. Once again, she just wants everyone to tell her how good she looks. Just for the record, “1” is not plural.

    • BLANK PRAYING MANTIS FACE?!?!?!? BBBAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! That is freaking AWESOME because it’s so true! it’s perfect!!!

  • Blank Preying mantis face.. Hilarious lies.. she really is so superficial and vain that her boobs are big and her butt is fatty balls of ugh., it’s all about her special uh sexy appearance, which is always going to be short and squat and deformed.. and a real life is passing her by.. and day by day age is hissing.. freak, you can’t win, stay young.. hahaha!

  • Can you please, please, PLEASE stop sucking this vapid, fame-whoring, troll woman’s dick?! Every time you give her attention, you justify her existence. I know, you are a celebrity blog, but FFS can you devote your time and effort on an ACTUAL celebrity?? FUUUUUUCK.

    Ok, rant over. Geez.

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