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Kanye West has a special guest in the studio

kanye west north west

Okay, as much as I can’t stand her parents, you have to admit that little North West is absolutely adorable. And she’s getting so big! Kim Kardashian posted this photo of his special guest with Kanye West in the studio online over the weekend in an attempt to prove that he and Kim do actually spend time with their child. I do have a slight concern that poor North never seems to be smiling, but would you?

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  • Is it just me or does she look like she’s shopped into the pic? I don’t know but parts of her just look odd (halo around her head?)

    • it ain’t you friend ..ahahahaa
      these clowns must be trippin’ if they think the public is so stupid ..
      horrendous photoslop job ( just like all their pics ) …
      desperate damage control , broke hobgoblins …
      he ‘came out’ in paris last week & all hell broke loose ..
      the KKK will be taking another dude down …

  • She’s cute now but it’s only a matter of time before she turns into a wretched person just like her parents. It’s sad but this girl doesn’t stand a chance at becoming a decent human being.

  • I’m sorry, but this little kid is homely…not downright ugly like Blue Ivy (notice how she’s almost always photographed from the back?). Maybe they can start a club: “Dog Daughters of Rich Bitches.”

  • ya’ll are blind or nuts if you expect the public to believe that badly photoslopped photo ..
    that baby was added to the photo ..
    gtfoh with that crap …azzclowns …
    better yet ask any of your photo- editing savvy friends …
    whew …desperate for damage control …

  • The poor kid is looking at (I assume) Kim taking the photo with of a look of “who are you?”

    Being raised by nannies is probably the best hope for a normal outlook on life this kid has.

  • oh i don’t think it’s photoshopped…look at her foot in his shirt. i have to admit though, the context of the picture is VERY cute because she looks like a total “daddy’s girl” there. Not that she ever gets to spend time with her parents…that nanny took a great shot though! haha

  • She is not photoshopped into the scene, I’m a photographer and the halo around her head is just the backlighting coming from the window behind her. She does however have a unibrow and I am curious how horrific that is for her parents. I can’t imagine she will reach the age of two without them subjecting her to laser hair removal.

  • Who’s this maniacal speaking fool..? It’s him or those squawking, spackled make-up freaky screeching ugly women bothering me .. why can’t I see and wear pretty colors, some nice play time and wear shoes, where is my nice nana-nurse..?

  • The photo isn’t photoshopped but looks like it was because of the super awkward way Kanye is holding and looking at her. This couple is amongst the least paternal celebrities, their body language is so unnatural and contrived! And yes, North is not exactly ugly (like Blue downright is, which is not a nice thing to say but true nevertheless), but she has this stupid look on her face all the time, which repulses me.

    Fake, dumb people are BORING.

  • Wow. People here actually criticize the looks of children/babies? That shit is fucked. They aren’t even fully grown yet, you can’t even tell what they will look like. And who even cares? She is a baby, and she had no say in the selection of her parents.

    Is no one safe from the trolls?

  • She is a beauiful little girl. Lots of jealous judgmental people. Very sad. How does anyone know what kind of parents they are? Mean very mean!

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