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Beyonce and Jay-Z might get divorced, after all

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There have been rumours swirling for months that Beyonce and Jay-Z‘s marriage is on the rocks and soon to end. While many brushed off those reports due to the fact that they’re, you know, on tour together and constantly posting photos of themselves looking relatively happy (or at least very much in the same place) on Instagram, the reports just won’t stop coming. Perhaps the most convincing bit of “evidence” is this piece from Blind Gossip (which correctly predicted the Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes split, by the way):

If business-arrangement couples can sell a “real couple” image to the public, the couple becomes worth more than each celeb would be worth individually. Of course, that value goes up even more if they can take the PR relationship all the way to marriage and children.

We have told you MANY times before that this high-profile marriage is just a business arrangement. We have also told you that this business arrangement will wind down after their current project is finished. Well, it’s almost over!

They are splitting up everything (properties, money, child/ren) right now, but will be keeping up appearances until the announcement. They are separating this year, with the divorce to follow in about six months. It will be very clean and very fast. In fact, the parties involved are describing the timeline as “Tom Cruise/Katie Holmes fast.”

Well, that sounds about right. I don’t see what the big deal is about all of this, either – so what if they divorce? People do it all the time, and Bey and Jay are not these superhuman angels who are immune to real life relationship issues, in that sense – especially if one of you can’t keep it in your pants. Life does indeed go on even if they’re no longer together, and I can sorta see this being true.

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  • I said their relationship was in trouble when the whole Solange thing went down, and people on here were all, “I just don’t think anyone would cheat on or leave Beyoncé.”


  • As a woman…it just goes to show you IT’S NOT US! If BEYONCE gets cheated on…BEYONCE…that just goes to show you that the problem lies in MEN. It doesn’t matter HOW rich, thin, beautiful, talented…whatever you are…it just doesn’t matter and it’s not our fault. Bastard!

  • Ur right It doesn’t matter HOW rich, thin, beautiful, talented you may be all that can NOT cover up the fact that she is the biggest annoying self involved bitch ever and a dead f#@k in bed