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Well, Lindsay Lohan’s certainly looking healthy

lindsay lohan

Lindsay Lohan is apparently living it up on some fool’s yacht in Italy at the moment (she can’t even afford NYC rent, so how she’s affording a yacht in Italy is beyond me – I don’t want to know what she’s doing for whoever owns it) and looking super healthy as she soaks up the sun. And by “super healthy”, I mean “super full of drugs and alcohol”, but I’m sure you made that automatic translation yourself.

Anyhow, enjoy these pictures of Lindsay looking totally cracked out of her mind. The whole picking of the face spots and stuff just seems like such an addict habit. I can’t even say I feel sorry for her at this point, I just… shake my head every time I see her.

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  • I pretty much never comment on celebrity bikini bodies because, who am I to judge really? That being said, she really needs to re-evaluate the swimsuits she’s choosing for her figure. Eeeesh.

    Also, this: And by “super healthy”, I mean “super full of drugs and alcohol”

    Made me laugh really hard.

  • I don’t see any face-picking, but bitch is look raaatchet. Completely destroyed her body before 30.

  • OMG she is sooo gross I threw up a little how about a heads up on the vomit factor the pics may have. Rehearsals must be going great

  • Is it just me or is she looking… Pregnant? God, I hope not. I don’t think she’s the kind who manages to care for herself enough not to find herself in that position. She’s the dirty girl who gets pregnant and has abortions on the reg or has had so many that she is incapable at this point. As torn-up as she’s looking, it may just be some astronomically bad bloat.

    @anonymous, she’s picking in the third to last photo. I cringe to think what’s under her nails…

    • Her belly sticking it out is prolly due to coke and booze (coke bloat/liver being damaged). If there is a baby in there I am going to cry.