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Mariah Carey gets some serious Photoshop from Terry Richardson

mariah carey terry richardson

Notorious pervert Terry Richardson is known for his point-and-shoot photography style, but that just won’t cut it when it comes to ultimate diva Mariah Carey, who will not allow unretouched photos of herself out in the wild.

Of course, Jezebel got a hold of the originals and the Photoshopped versions of her latest shoot with Terry and have pointed out just how much work has been done on them. It seems sorta obvious – of COURSE photos are retouched within an inch of their lives, especially if you’re working with really big stars. These don’t look too shocking, but check out some more behind the cut.

mariah carey terry richardson 2

mariah carey terry richardson 3

mariah carey terry richardson 4

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  • Well, let’s be honest– Mariah Carey probably has her own retouching /Photoshop team. The only problem with this is that she chose to work with Terry Richardson. I never get Jezebel’s posting the before and after pics because they can’t seem to decide if they are outraged that the Photoshop happens, or if they are in the mood to make passive aggressive swipes at how badly any given celebrity needed the retouching.

  • what the hell is up with her bellybutton in the first photo??? it looks like it’s off center on her body. ???