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Robin Thicke’s official ‘Get Her Back’ 1-800-Flowers bouquet costs $350

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How on earth a collaboration between Robin Thicke and 1-800-Flowers even became a glimmer in anyone’s brain is beyond me, but here we are. The World’s Creepiest (and Most Pathetic) Pop Star teamed up with the flower delivery service to make an official ‘Get Her Back’ bouquet – as well as a cheaper option, the ‘Forever Love’ bouquet – for those times when you stick your finger up the ass of a woman who’s not your wife/girlfriend and then decide you don’t want to break up.

From Time:

You can buy your desperation in the form of 18 long-stem red roses in the “Forever Love” bouquet for $64.99 or $89.99, or the romantic “Get Her Back” bouquet with 100 red roses for $349.99.

Uh… how about no? Who is really going to think to themselves, “You know, nothing says love like Robin Thicke. My wife/girlfriend/partner will LOVE this themed vase of overpriced flowers!”??? Pretty sure no one is.

At least Robin’s holding true to his word – he really doesn’t know what he’s doing, does he?

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  • I have an even better idea. Here’s the breakdown:
    1. Keep the flowers and the $$$$ vase.
    2. Cut 1/2 of the stems off the roses and put those roses in water bottles, jelly jars, etc.
    3. Put the $$$$ vase on Ebay.
    4. Gather up the cut off stems (very carefully, might be some thorns).
    5. Put a pretty red ribbon around them and put them in a used cup from a taco place.
    6. Send them to him with a note like: “Thanks for the roses. Take these leftover stems and shove them up your ass, you PRICK!!!

    Brings a tear to your eye, doesn’t it?