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Beyonce’s dad can’t keep it in his pants

beyonce matthew knowles

Beyoncé‘s dad, Matthew Knowles, is known for his extramarital fun, which previously led to the birth of a love child (which, thankfully, he has fessed up to and provided for). Well, it seems like he just can’t keep it in his pants, because now a second case has come against him which claims that he’s fathered yet another child outside of his marriage. Ohhhhh snap.

From BuzzFeed:

Beyoncé might have a new half-sister, according to court documents filed against Mathew Knowles on May 30 by a 30-year-old Houston-area woman.

In the petition, Taqoya Branscomb alleges Beyoncé’s 63-year-old father is also the dad of a female child born in 2010 in Harris County, Texas. Branscomb is attempting to make Knowles take a DNA test, and is also requesting child support and money for her attorney’s fees.

This is the second time Knowles has been hit with a paternity suit. In 2010, Knowles acknowledged that he was father of actress Alexsandra Wright’s son. News of the affair with Wright led to his divorce from former wife Tina after nearly 30 years of marriage.

SMH. Yeah, mistakes happen, but wrap that shit up, dude. I honestly don’t know how something like this could happen TWICE. And also, Matthew Knowles is certainly no prize piece. Is he using the “I’m Beyoncé’s dad” line to get women into bed? Because otherwise, I just don’t understand…

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