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Lady Gaga tries to drag Madonna to save her own reputation

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I don’t know how many of you frequent Oh No They Didn’t, but it’s a great place for celeb news and absolute fucking mayhem when it comes to the big stars and their hardcore stans. It often devolves into gif wars and total nonsense, but sometimes some absolute gold comes out of it.

Take, for instance, the fact that ONTD posted a story on the fact that Lady Gaga posted a photo online claiming it was from one of her concerts, when actually it was from a big music festival. They were calling her out for doing it and they posted the story – as most sites do to promote traffic – on their Twitter account. Gaga, however, was too pressed to just keep quiet and for some reason brought Madonna‘s name into it, implying that it was Madonna stans who had posted the story to begin with to bring Gaga down.

I mean… why? I find it interesting that Madonna’s name was even mentioned. Clearly she’s that obsessed with the fact that she’s a cheap rip-off of Madonna who will never come close to her career longevity and legendary status, but like… okay. She just looks bitter and rather sad. Sorry your career is ending so quickly into it, Stefani, but please sit down.

After all…



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  • I found it hilarious and a good takedown. Don’t think it’s a dig at Madonna herself but rather to the fans.

  • I like way more Lady Gaga songs in way fewer albums. It’s just a numerical, arithmetic fact. Not that Madonna’s not more famous (at this point not WAY more famous), and Lady Gaga (being Italian descent and living in New York and being all experimental and stuff and being a female) can’t help but be derivative of Madonna, and all that, she’s a talent in her own right. She had better have a great next album or it’s all over, tho.

  • She is such a pathetic desperate wannabe and a train wreck. NY TIMES SAID IT BEST “after 5 years she is already a nostalgia act” end of the story

  • That’s what happens when you become famous because of a gimmick and when that no longer keeps them coming back all ya have is minimal talent

    • sad though, ’cause the girl really can sing. listen to her live performance of “speechless”, it’s quite beautiful actually.

  • Does L. Gaga remember how much she is not ever promoting personal kindness behavior after being sued by personal assistant Jennifer O’Neill serving as her 24/7 slave at her beck and call just because GAGA thinks she is Queen of the Universe?