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Robin Williams checks into rehab – but it’s not what you think

robin williams

Robin Williams has had his share of substance abuse issues in his day, but he’s been clean and sober since his latest relapse back in 2006. So why is he heading back to rehab now, 8 years later? It’s not because he’s gotten off track again, but rather because he wants to make sure he stays on it.

From TMZ:

Williams is at Hazelden Addiction Treatment Center near Lindstrom, Minnesota.

Robin is in a part of the facility called The Lodge — there are lots of fancy descriptions, but it’s essentially a program to maintain long-term sobriety.

We’re told Robin will be staying for several weeks.

The pic (above) was taken Sunday at a Dairy Queen … walking distance from Hazelden.

Robin has struggled with addiction for decades.  He cold turkeyed cocaine and alcohol in the early 1980s and was sober for 20 years … then fell off the wagon.  He went to rehab in 2006.

Robin’s rep tells TMZ, “After working back-to-back projects, Robin is simply taking the opportunity to fine-tune and focus on his continued commitment, of which he remains extremely proud.”

I guess he wants to make sure he’s in the best possible frame of mind to make the shit show that will be Mrs. Doubtfire 2? Nah, in all seriousness, good for him. I’m not a Robin Williams fan and find him totally overrated, but I respect what he’s achieved in his career and his dedication to his sobriety. Best of luck to him!

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