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It’s a Demi Lovato superpost!

demi lovato seventeen 4

Who doesn’t love a little Demi Lovato every once in a while? Sure, she yammers on about the same shit repeatedly, but she seems really sweet, she really loves her fans, she’s daring when it comes to fashion and beauty and she’s generally pretty harmless, right?

The folks at Seventeen apparently love her, since they’ve put her on the cover of their August issue, and she looks great. I’m loving the colour combination and while it’s all a little too J-Pop for my tastes (and that’s coming from someone who actually likes J-Pop), I’m sorta into this whole thing.

Also, Demi performed at the opening of a new Microsoft store, where she debuted her “dreads”. I mean, a big “Girl, no” goes out on this one, but she actually kinda carries this look off… despite this not at all being dreads or anything close.

demi lovato dreads

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