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Mila Kunis wants men to stop saying “we’re” pregnant

mila kunis

Mila Kunis seems pretty chill – I’ve always liked how she’s come across in interviews and while I don’t think she has the most impressive acting resumé, I’m probably just not the target audience for her projects, and that’s cool. Anyhow, she’s been keeping an extra low profile now that she’s pregnant with Ashton Kutcher‘s kid, so it’s nice to see her giving an interview and putting dudes in their places.

That’s right, Mila is sick of men saying “We’re pregnant!” when telling others that they and their partners are expecting a baby. Turns out, you don’t get to say that shit since you’re not the one carrying the baby and growing it inside your body for nine months.

As Mila so eloquently put it on Jimmy Kimmel Live, “Do you have to squeeze a watermelon-sized person out of your lady hole? No.”

Obviously this was done for comedic effect, but I’m sure there is a bit of serious annoyance in there somewhere… especially when you’re swollen and uncomfortable and making a person. Never having had a baby (and never planning to), I can’t say for sure – what do you think, moms of Evil Beet?

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  • I watched the interview and, though I’m not a fan of Mila’s in general, I thought her bit was super funny. I like when my husband says we’re pregnant though. But I also like when he gets bloated, or headaches, or back pains. I guess I just like sharing the misery. I’m hoping the hospital will be cool with me stabbing him with each contraction I have. I’m pretty sure that’ll make my pain more bearable :D