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What the hell is wrong with Lady Gaga?

lady gaga

This is how Lady Gaga walked around New York City this week. Because when the sun is out, so are the freaks, and she’s Queen of the lot. I’m not quite sure what’s behind this look (or why) – the big, bushy wig, the overdrawn eyebrows, the outfit (if it can even be called that)… it’s all wrong.

lady gaga

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  • Is it just me, or does it look like she is emulating Miley Cyrus with this? Dollar Tree Glamor Ho- when I first saw this look, that was what came to my mind, and it certainly isn’t beneath Gaga to lift someone else’s idea and pretend like it’s original.

  • She suffers from Attention Deficit Disorder.

    As in when she is deficit in attention, she will do anything necessary to get it again.

    *sigh* I was a fan when her first album came out and she actually focused more on music than “art”, but I am so done now.