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Here’s Kim Kardashian’s new, married lady signature

kim kardashian west

Not much to report here – just Kim Kardashian and Kanye West signing plates (???) at a restaurant in Prague. It’s the first time Kimmycakes gets to write her married name, so she’s stoked and felt the need to share it on her website.

Kim has surprisingly nice handwriting! I dunno why I expected her to write in complete chicken scratch.

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  • Her handwriting says she’s anal and fake. The overly elaborate K (branding), the unfinished Kardashian (superficiality), the stylized letters – it all points out to looks over substance.

    • You sure as hell don’t need to read hand writing to know that about her.

      I can see why she picked up his last name but why did she drop her first name “Famewhore” Kim Kardashian West??

      • Um, yeah, I guess the main tip off is being an artless privileged brat with no talent or education who became famous for a really bad sex tape, faked a marriage (one out of three at the age of 33); had a child she hardly spends any time with but parades the kid’s gifted luxury clothes – and her own, many of which made of exotic skins and fur, put her foot in her mouth numerous times with dumb and offensive statements about the Armenian genocide and racism, and despite all of her “success” turned into this stiff, two-dimensional, waxy person with no soul who can’t see beyond her own ass….but the handwriting confirms it :)

  • All she does outside of caring for her own comfort is fake.. Life on film is like a personal baby book which has some historical evidence of her amazing life experiences.. she’s so detached..from the reality of wanting more.. she must say the right words…document each role or scene as scripted., do what the handlers say,, as proof .. to use as a reminder, to comment on any of these important life experiences, without deep thoughts or feelings. Filmed including everyone’s comments on current events outside her own empty.. simply doesn’t care attitude.. as long as I am rich and pampered I’m good,, once that scene is over her indirect experience, which is manipulated for the reality show encounter is over.. she has no more deep involvement .. moving on, got higher publicity goals to meet the next day..

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