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Well, Sinead O’Connor looks a bit different these days…

sinead o'onnor

Sinead O’Connor hasn’t had the best track record recently and has struggled to regain her composure after suffering for years with serious mental illness. However, now she’s back on track and she’s coming out with a new album… not to mention having had a SERIOUS makeover. Whaaaat?

Check out this new promo pic for her album I’m Not Bossy, I’m the Boss, which is hilarious and sounds more like a J.Lo album than Sinead O’Connor, but let’s go with it. Have a look:

sinead o'connor

Um, holy Photoshop, Batman. How on earth is this even the same person? I’m sure this has been so retouched it’s hardly close to the original, but anyway, GET IT GIRL.

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