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Kim Kardashian hated her Irish honeymoon

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Kim Kardashian and Kanye West exchanged vows in an extravagant ceremony late last month and they decided to head to – of all places – Ireland for a short honeymoon. It must’ve been Kanye who chose the location, because apparently Kim was miserable the entire time and really hated being away from the glamour of mainland Europe.

From The Daily Mail (so grain of salt, obvs):

It seems that the pair’s trip to Ireland may have gone awry, as sources say they were seldom seen smiling or showing any signs of affection.

Insiders claim the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star was disappointed by her new husband’s idea of the perfect honeymoon in rainy, Ireland and was hoping for a more glam holiday to match her fabulous Italian wedding and chic pre-wedding festivities in France.

Kim was allegedly so bored during the couple’s five-night stay that she begged Kanye to leave early, even skipping a pre-planned, one day stop in Dublin.

‘I’ve already seen Dublin,’ she moaned. ‘Can’t we just fly back to the continent!?’

Kim reportedly fell in love with Ireland in 2012, when the Chicago-native was on tour, and even flew in to surprise him for his 35th birthday.

So the Bound 2 hitmaker thought he had made a romantic gesture by planning the trip there and was additionally encouraged by Kim’s mum Kris Jenner, who honeymooned there with Bruce Jenner in 1991.

Jesus, what a misery guts. Sure, I don’t think “romance” when I think of Ireland, but I bet it’s gorgeous there, and the history that Kris and Bruce were there must have meant something, no? What’s the matter, Kim – not enough paparazzi for you in Dublin?

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  • Are you freaking kidding? I spent the weekend with my family in Western Ireland (Dromoland Castle, and the surrounding area in County Claire..) it was MAGICAL. My sister had her honeymood there (and stayed at the Dromoland Castle , 20 years later, in 1991. In 2000 I basically repeated the tour with my daughter, and it was awesome, fantastic, magical – we had a ball, and we even watched some KILLER traditional irish music at an Irish Pub in Limerick the night before we left. What an amazing place. Also my ancestral homeland. Come ON, Kim. LIGHTEN UP!

  • In fairness, the places they picked to go were far from scenic. There are amazing places to visit here but that wasn’t where they went. They never even made it to Dublin in the end.

  • What the hell is she complaining about? Like she paid for the wedding or the honeymoon…

  • Let’s face it…she’s pissed because he picked someplace where she couldn’t be photographed wearing a bikini 24/7 and repeatedly touched up with photoshop, all the while reminding us how disciplined she is and how hard she works to perfect her body…gag…because she is the most narcissistic, self absorbed, vain person on the planet.

    • You are spot on 100% nobody there to praise her fat ass and no place to flaunt that fat ass in a bikini. The wedding is over it’s not all about her anymore time to start the count down to divorce.

  • Okay let’s be real here. Asides from the scenic bits, Ireland is miserable as fuck. Every time I’ve gone there I’ve been pissed on by the unending rain, and in the end the castles and sightseeing and riverdancing and fucking Guinness get boring. Dublin is small, shoddy, and weirdly expensive (at least pre-economic crisis). Also, I don’t think it helped being followed around by hordes of paparazzi. For someone like Kim who has seen the world over, Ireland must have seemed very boring.

    • You’re the one that’s ” miserable as fuck”! Ireland is too good for the likes of you or KK.

  • Ireland is fantastic. We went from Dublin to Galway and then out to the Cliffs of Moher, all within about five days. Very beautiful country, and I didn’t mind the rain.

    I’ve been to MANY countries, and Ireland is one of my favorites, tbh.

    • Been to all those places, and I agree, most beautiful.
      I went in late July, only a day or two of some rain, otherwise quite nice. Unbelievable beautiful. I suppose the area you and I have visited would have been more appropriate..

  • Why is she a bad person because she didn’t like the locale? Everyone has personal preferences, and if she’s already seen Ireland and didn’t care for it, then no big deal.

    Please don’t act like she is the first ever bridezilla to have complaints on a honeymoon.

    • It said she ” fell in love with Ireland in 2012 when she surprised Kanye on his 35th B Day. I think Jennifer is right she was missing the paps.
      BTW There is no way in hell she said she wanted to fly back to the “continent”

      • Well, it says reportedly, so I take that with a grain of salt ( as I do about the entire story),but it also claims she said she’d already seen Dublin. This girl has been all over the world and she really doesn’t strike me as the “lush green fields and ancient castles” type. Even on their shows they don’t really take in their surroundings. They go to high-end restaurants and such.

    • She was being her usual cuntiness because she couldn’t shop all day, or dress like a whore all day. Bitch needs a reality check