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Neko Case Takes On Playboy


Musician Neko Case was not very appreciate of some sexist comments Playboy threw her way, when they tried to compliment her. Here’s the tweet exchange that went down:

neko case twitter

“DONT PEGGY OLSEN ME, MOTHERFUCKERS” refers to a quote from Mad Men in which Pete thought he was complimenting Peggy by telling her something like, “You’re just as good as any other woman in this business.”

A lot of people are praising her and a lot of people are saying she overreacted. Where do you stand? Personally, I say, you go, Neko. Why are women a niche? You go!

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  • This stupid bitch needs to be slapped. She’s just doing it for attention because nobody knows who the fuck she is…. and of course Playboy will issue a public apology when they should just tell her to fuck off.

      • The fact that I don’t follow shitty fucking music means I don’t know anything about it? I bet you’re one of those feminist carpet munchers aren’t ya?

  • I get what she’s saying, but it does seem like a huge overreaction. Take the compliment in the spirit it was intended to be.

  • Well, she IS a woman. In music. She should embrace it and stop validating sexist connotations where they aren’t meant. Playboy might be stupid but they are also not a factor in anything. Being a woman is what you make and think of it, not what someone else says it is. She is a woman in music and she should be proudly so.

  • HEART EYES. One of my favourite musicians referencing one of my favourite characters taking down one of my least favourite publications. Go, Neko Case, go! I totally see what she meant. Women are “female singers”. Men are just “singers”.

  • I can see her point. Women are often unfairly separated from a group of performers, professionals, etc. by specifying that they are female. Even if that is an attempt at praise, I understand how it can be taken as coddling, from men, by women who have struggled to be taken seriously. When the comment comes from a men’s’ magazine known for objectifying women, it must hurt even worse.

  • This bitch needs a five across the eyes. Take a compliment and shut up. Yes, you are a woman in music, face it bitch

  • Gosh there’s a lot of trolls here, and I forgot my troll food…no wait, here’s some – they never tell Justin Beiber that she’s breaking the mold of what women in the music industry should be

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