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Mark Wahlberg really loves being a dad

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Mark Wahlberg is covering Esquire‘s new “Fatherhood Issue”, which is actually kinda refreshing to see since usually parenting guides/discussions are geared towards the ladies. Mark has four kids of his own with wife Rhea Durham – 10-year-old Ella, 8-year-old Michael, 5-year-old Brendan and 4-year-old Grace – and he finds it to be a pretty rewarding experience.

“I think the most important thing is to always be involved in every aspect of their life. To give them enough trust that they can share things with you. I don’t want them to be terrified of me, you know? But I don’t want them to think they can do whatever they want and get away with it, either, because they can’t.”

“The biggest thing for me is, you know, as quickly as I was able to turn it around, to get from there to here, from me having nothing as a kid to me here now, providing everything for my kids, it’s like, I worry that maybe they won’t appreciate things. I worry that maybe they’ll have a sense of entitlement. You don’t wanna give your kids everything without giving them the tools to be great people.”

Mark is a bit of a weirdo from time to time, but that seems like a pretty solid approach to kids (coming from someone who doesn’t have or want any).

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