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Kendall Jenner will twerk for Instagram followers

kendall jenner

For some unknown reason, a whopping 10 million people are now following Kendall Jenner on Instagram. I’m assuming about 6 million of those are pre-teens/teenagers, 3.5 million are middle aged perverts looking for tits & ass shots and the other half million are just idiots and/or entertainment bloggers trying to keep on top of the “news”.

In any case, Kendall was pretty thrilled about her milestone, so she posted a video so the social networking site, showing her doing… well, not much of anything. She waves at some “fans” (how can you be a fan of someone who does nothing?), she awkwardly tries to twerk against a wall (please, girl, STOP and never do it again), she stares at herself in a mirror… it’s all very uncomfortable.

See for yourself:

What is the world coming to?

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