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Kanye West humiliated a fan for having “fake” shoes

kim kardashian kanye west

Can we all just agree with one another here that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are just the worst? The pomp and circumstance surrounding every move these two make is ridiculous, especially now that they’re having some week-long wedding extravaganza in France. They’ve been parading their wealth and fame around to anyone who might cast eyes on them, but then doing obnoxious shit like trying to hide from cameras by wearing bandanas on their faces.

However, even that pales in comparison to the absolute bullshit that comes out of Kanye’s mouth sometimes. If you remember, he released some Nike Air Yeezy sneakers called “Red Octobers” which sold out in minutes when they were released earlier this year. Apparently, when confronted by a load of fans wanting autographs in Paris, one asked Kanye to sign his sneakers, which Kanye did… but not before telling him in front of everyone that his shoes were fake:

This is obnoxious for a number of reasons a) it’s rude as hell, especially in front of a crowd of people – why try to humiliate your fan? b) you haven’t got a real pair to give him, so why make him feel bad? c) shut the fuck up, Kanye.

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    • Ya and that wouldn’t make you feel like a loser in front of all those people would it.

      What I want to know is why the f#@k do people give a shit about these two? Yes he’s got talent but he’s an asshole and her asshole is her talent.

  • he just informed him that those shoes was counterfeit …if he bought them at a store he might want to get his money back….by the way how is hiding from the cameras being obnoxious? …seems a little irrational

  • oh kanye. he just has one of those stuck-up personalities. it’s obnoxious, but a lot of ppl are like that. At least he signed them. he doesn’t have to walk away like a conceited prick though.

  • I think it was totally ok to let him know that the sneakers weren’t real. I would have done the same. And it would have pissed me off as a designer to sign fake shoes :D

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