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Michael Jackson rolled over in his grave during the Billboard Music Awards

michael jackson

The worst thing about being a celebrity is that when you’re alive, you can’t get any peace from the public and paparazzi and when you die, well, they still won’t give you any peace. Instead, they bring you back in hologram form like they did to Michael Jackson at the Billboard Music Awards last night (and Tupac at Coachella in 2012, lest we forget).

Michael “performed” a song called ‘Slave to the Rhythm’, from the new album that’s just coming out now… years after his death. Isn’t it great that record labels can make money off you even long after you’ve stopped breathing? Apparently it took six months to put the performance together and it was almost cancelled last minute due to a lawsuit, since a few tech companies said that the producers were using their technology to make the performance possible.

I dunno, I don’t find this to be “cool” or creative or anything. I think they should let dead performers be dead, enjoy their past work and move on. What did you guys think?

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