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Ireland Baldwin is trying lesbianism for attention now

ireland baldwin angel haze

Sigh. It’s so hard to live in a world where it’s “cool” to pretend to be gay but a disgusting abomination to God and the country to ACTUALLY be gay, right? Ireland Baldwin has already tried her share of semi-naked selfies to garner attention, and now we’ve kinda moved on to Plan B since that didn’t work: kissing girls for press. Don’t you just love it?

Ireland posted a photo of herself kissing Angel Haze, a rapper who is actually openly pansexual, on Instagram earlier this week wishing everyone a happy Cinco de Mayo and offering no explanation for what the hell is going on here. I mean, we can SEE what’s going on, but I mean… why so much bullshit? This is a classic “I just broke up with my boyfriend, fuck men! I like WOMEN now!” scenario which is just way too eyeroll worthy.

It’s a shame this isn’t real, though, because I’m definitely into this, especially after seeing this pic:

ireland baldwin angel haze 2

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