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Bryan Singer is facing new sex abuse allegations

bryan singer

Oh man – things are going from bad to worse for Bryan Singer, it seems. The X-Men director was already facing sex abuse allegations, but now a new accuser has come forward claiming that he was also a victim of Singer’s and Broadway producer Gary Goddard.

The lawsuit was filed by the first accuser’s lawyer, and the details are pretty fucked up. Apparently, Singer and Goddard had contact with a British teenager from the time he was 14 via social media. Goddard had the initial contact and told the boy that he was good looking and that he knew agents – namely Singer – who could get him work. When he was 17, they told him they were coming to London for a Superman premiere, and invited him to attend the after party.

At the after party, they offered the plaintiff – known in the lawsuit as John Doe No. 117 – a Quaalude, which he refused, before Singer and Goddard started grabbing him and molesting him. When the teen refused, apparently he was restrained/beaten by some kind of muscle men, and it went downhill from there.

From The Daily Beast:

When the teenager was 14 or 15, the suit contends, Goddard communicated that he loved John Doe. According to the lawsuit, he also “convinced” the boy to send him nude photographs of himself, video of him masturbating, and participated in a webcam session where both were nude and Goddard was masturbating. Later, when the boy was 15 or 16, Goddard insisted he strip and they lay on a bed naked and kissed, the suit alleges. On another occasion he allegedly “plied” the teenager with alcohol and “engaged him in anal intercourse,” according to the court filing.

… And from the after party:

When Singer removed his boxer shorts, the suit alleges, the teenager said, “I do not want to do that.” According to the complaint, Singer told the teenager to sit on top of him and masturbate, that he wanted to the teenager to ejaculate on him. Singer attempted to anally penetrate the teenager. The next morning, according to the complaint, Singer contacted the teenager to apologize.

The teenager, the suit contends, “only recently became cognizant that he has suffered psychological and emotional injuries, mental anguish and loss of enjoyment of life as a result of the Defendants’ sexual acts. Such injuries are severe, continuing, and permanent.”

The suit contends that Singer violated the law by sexually assaulting the teenager, traveling to a foreign country for “illicit conduct with a minor,” that he had arranged to “meet with a minor to engage in lewd and lascivious behavior,” and that by allegedly coercing the teenager in the way he did, Singer committed an act of “gender violence” against him.

What the fuck is up with these perverts? Seriously, I know there’s the whole “innocent until proven guilty” thing, but for some reason, this just all seems too messed up to be false. I seriously hope shit like this gets exposed more and more and these awful human beings are punished for preying on young, vulnerable people. Absolutely disgusting.

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  • I can’t believe that someone who works as a ‘Hollywood-blogger’ could be so blatantly ignorant about all the abuse that’s going on in the entertainment world. Hollywood is filled with pedophiles preying on young teens and kids. As someone who is kinda doing a researcher’s job, you owe it to your readers to educate yourself some more on this subject. I understand you have to take a neutral stand and that some kids lie but you also have to realize it is really embarrassing and painful for these victims to come forward with these reports and there is no money in the world that could ease their pain. Just sayin. ( hmm… this kinda makes me sound like a victim. Not one though, just can’t stand it when children get hurt by grown ups who should be lucked up and put away.)

    • I didn’t even feel like dignifying this with a response, but I think it’s clear that I feel Singer is guilty, and I said that I hope this serves as an example that further exposes this sort of thing in the industry BECAUSE is it so prevalent. I can’t judge people who have yet to be exposed – I want them to BE exposed, so we can know and they can be punished. I have never said (or even so much as insinuated) that any of these victims have lied – nor do I personally believe that, just in case that wasn’t clear enough.

      • Hmm… maybe I did overreact a bit. I do appreciate the fact that you took the time to answer!

    • Not sure you understand what neutral means. She is pretty clearly taking a stance, and doesn’t say the victim is lying.

  • I….LOVE!…reading that more & more people are speaking up & busting these dudes. Holy shit it is about time. I hope they ALL get exposed, the sick sunnuvabitches. I’m seriously throwing a party in celebration of Bryan Singer getting called out. Whether or not he’s found guilty in the court of law, that’s besides the point – I am just so pleased that there’s open communication about it all. FINALLY. Silent no more… And fuckity fuck FUUUUUCK the actors who stay quiet strictly so they can stay employed. Morals, anyone??