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Can You Recognize Bradley Cooper After His Weight Gain?


Bradley Cooper gained weight and grew a beard for a film role (or so he says, mwuaha). But no, according to EntertainmentWise, it’s for Clint Eastwood‘s American Sniper film.

Mr. Cooper now kind of resembles…I’m not sure. Will Ferrell? Billy Mays? Or maybe just a dad. I think that’s it. He looks like a dad now.

Do you think it’s a more drastic change than Jake Gyllenhaal‘s weight loss for his film role?


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  • Maybe I am alone on this, but I think he looks sexier than he ever has!! He is definitely giving me some serious beard lust. But even more than that I think that the weight looks good on him.

  • Gained pure muscle and no dad that I know looks like this. I’ve always thought he resembles a skinny-faced rat, this is the best I’ve ever seen him look.

  • Wow !!!! He looks incredible !!!! He looks like a real man and not a pretty boy !!!!