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Kurt Cobain mocked Courtney Love in some letter

courtney love kurt cobain

Apparently there was a letter found in Kurt Cobain‘s wallet when he died, and that letter seemed to be either making fun of Courtney Love or hinting at bigger issues in their relationship – basically accusing her of being a bitch and “siphoning” his money to use for “whoring and doping”:

kurt cobain letter

Of course, that could be seen as a playful thing, since his suicide note had her described as a “goddess”… who can say? Of course, this will just lend more fire to the conspiracy theorists who have been talking shit about Courtney and have always said it’s her fault he’s dead, etc. By the way, newsflash, guys: he killed himself. That’s personal choice. Not a great choice, but a personal one nonetheless. Also, uh… he was a drug addict, as well, so seems like he was siphoning his own money. Also also, why would she need his money for whoring? Don’t whores GET paid rather than pay out? I mean, semantics and all that, but… eh.

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  • No, I don’t agree at all. She got this sitch exactly right.
    I knew Courtney looong before she ever met Kurt. Absolutely true. They WOULD be together. It’s not “They were meant to be.. they were destined to be.. they WOULD be together. No doubt she sped his way to the early grave, but an early grave it would be.

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