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Zac Efron is “better than ever” after rehab

zac erfron

Oh, Zac Efron. So young, so attractive, so dumb. It’s clear he has a major cocaine problem, but of course publicly, he’s as sober as Lindsay Lohan (read: not at all sober) and no amount of jaw breakings and “transient” beatings will change that story. In fact, he’s “better than ever” since leaving rehab!

From Good Morning Britain:

“[I’m] better than ever now… I’m just super-excited about the future man, this has been a long time coming and I was a kid when I started doing this [acting], I never thought I’d have the chance to work with Seth [Rogen] so I’m pinching myself I’m still around.”

He’s talking about Seth Rogen because of The Neighborhood, their new movie, which looks pretty not great, but whatever.

I would be super happy for him for getting his life together if indeed he was doing “better than ever” – and who knows, maybe there’s some very tiny percentage of a chance that he is, but uh… I’m gonna vote no. Of course, he’s not going to come out and share that, I suppose, but meh, I dunno. I find it hard to sit and listen to something that’s so obviously bullshit.

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