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Best And Worst Celebrity Looks Of The Week!

Lana Del Rey at Coachella. Love the dress, not sorry about it.

Lana Del Rey at Coachella. Love the dress, not sorry about it.

So we’ve got some Coachella looks in this week’s edition of Best and Worst Celebrity Looks of the Week, as well as snaps of celebs on the red carpet and just out and about.

Go through and make your picks for who has the BEST, WORST, and most WTF look of the week! (Note: LOTS of WTF potential this week.)



Rose McGowan. I don’t get it.


Ali Larter. Does this kind of look like a high fashion ad to anyone else? Something Marc Jacobs-y? I LOVE that she matched pearls with a sweatshirt and torn jeans. Not a fan of the pointy heels though.



Is this not the most ’90s looking outfit you’ve seen lately? Her name is Ashley Haas. I think she’s a model. She really looks like a very lost Spice Girl.



I love this look on Cameron Diaz. I think she hit it out of the proverbial park with the dress and shoes.



Here’s Diane Kruger and Joshua Jackson at Coachella. Um, he looks ridiculous pairing those shorts with a hat, or for even wearing those shorts at all. She looks ready to sass me if I comment on her crop top, so I’ll just keep quiet.



Oh my. Look at this quilted Chanel mess on Greta Gerwig. I’m just guessing it’s Chanel, since I see the bag is, but it could simply be Chanel tweed jacket inspired. Either way, I think it’s a mess.



Okay, despite the INCREDIBLY AWKWARD POSE, I think Katie Holmes looks killer. Love the structure of the dress, it fits her perfectly. And it’s a good color on her, too.



In all fairness to Katy Perry, this looked better on TV. Seeing it photographed is kind of an ugh experience. At least it fits her smashingly.



Miranda Kerr can throw on any old boring thing and still look 10x more amazing than anyone else.



Speaking of a ’90s revival, what is this hot mess on Nicki Minaj? It’s a shame because she looks absolutely gorgeous, but why did she put her stomach in a cage?



I’m all for little black dresses, but this number on Nikki Reed is a little boring.



What do we think of this gown on Bates Motel actress Olivia Cooke? I like the neckline but the hemline is giving me issues, as is the fabric.



Rita Ora in blue #1…



..and #2. I’m not psyched about either look. Those pants bring elements of WTF to every situation.



Sienna Miller with Poppy Delevigne at a Coachella party. I actually prefer Poppy’s swimsuit/bodysuit with biker jacket combo. It’s interesting. Sienna looks like a toddler.



Look I have mad respect for Susan Sarandon, but none for this outfit.



I effing love this cute as f-ck outfit Taylor Swift is sporting. So very ~*~Gossip Girl~*~



Finally, doesn’t this photo of Prince William and Catherine look like a fashion ad? And of course they both look perfect.

Time for your picks! Here are mine:

BEST: Taylor Swift
WORST: Nicki Minaj
WTF: Rose McGowan

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