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I’m officially terrified of Katy Perry

katy perry

Y’all know I love Katy Perry – I’m going to see her in about three weeks! – but sometimes homegirl is so off the wall, even I’m a little put off. We saw the lyric video for ‘Birthday’, but that was just a teaser to the hellish nightmare that is the ACTUAL video, which you can now watch ANOTHER teaser for here:

I mean, look – this is hilarious because it’s fucking nuts. Katy Perry is out of her mind, officially, and it really cracks me up. This is SUCH a mess, but a LOT of fun. Who wouldn’t love Goldie? I don’t know where she comes up with this shit, but I love that she’s so willing to do things so out of the box for a laugh.

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  • While I really really hate that song ‘Birthday’ or whatever it’s called, this chic is hysterical! As much as I dislike singers thinking they can act, she seems like she would be perfect for a comedic role.

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