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Is Alessandra Ambrosio A Bad Parent?


Alessandra Ambrosio, supermodel, has been having a very fun time in Coachella. But she’s not alone — she brought her 4-year-old daughter, which has some people horrified. She posted photos on Instagram of her daughter smiling at Coachella, like this one below. Here she is being lifted into the crowd:


She’s gotten comments like,

Uh, taking your kid to coachella is probably not the smartest thing to do. You see a ton of crazy things at these music festivals.

but also comments like,

she’s gonna have a pretty cool tbt when she’s older

(“TBT” stands for “Throwback Thursdays” in which you post an old photo on a Thursday.)

So what do you think? Did Ms. Ambrosio go too far by taking her 4-year-old daughter to the Coachella music festival?

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  • Unless they’re hanging out in the sketchy areas, who cares? People are entirely too judgmental about each others’ parenting.

  • Jeezus H. Christ lady. I literally wandered the streets of Tripoli when I was six years old, and fought pitched rock fights with the other expats against the Arabs. I climbed walls for hours. I fought Arabs hand to hand. I swam out a quarter mile in a lightning storm and came back. I lived through a military coup. I crawled through a roman catechomb for a thousand feet with NO roof support. I nearly died in some very, very close calls in planes. I hitched rides on the back of concrete trucks for miles, then hitched them back to my house. Don’t worry about what some four year old does with a very doting mother in a very, very, very controlled environment. Otherwise, you get sheltered, entitled, children with NO concept of how the world lives, or worse yet, pajama boy.

    OH, but you probably love that. While, at the same time resenting it. Make up your mind.

    • What? All I did was ask the question, “is she a bad parent?” I made no judgements.

  • In Europe it’s pretty common to see kids at festivals, and some even have family-friendly campsites and areas. I don’t see what the big deal is.

    • Ew. Whoever you are, you should NOT be sexualizing a four year olds outfit and body. Kids don’t care about that stuff when they pick clothes because they are not sexual creatures. It is hot there, and 4 year old me in my winnie the pooh crop top would have thought that outfit was dope as hell.

  • Shit…. My sons have been going to festivals since they were 4 and 2 respectively. From Bonnaroo to Furthur, Vegoose to Reggae Sumfest, Oregon Country Fair to Burning Man, also The Rainbow Gathering. Give ’em ear protection and let the little ones groove

  • The only issue I have is with the heat. I went to Coachella twice, and the heat was unbearable (42F, which was very hot to me!) with very, very little shade. There were no buildings to hide in, and certainly no AC. To escape the sun we had to go under the performing tents, but they were often crowded and there was really no ventilation.

    Although I should point out that I paid for general admission, and surely she is VIP which means there are likely more places for them to hide from the sun.

  • FINE. People overprotect / shelter / hide things from kids way too much. Most times kids do not have the freedom, and choice they should have.

  • Give her a break!! At least she is with her child and is not leaving her with the nannies! (like many others…)

    • I agree with Trixie. The life of a child of a celebrity is going to be vastly different from that of a non-celebrity anyway. I’m convinced that bodyguards and VIP other security personnel probably were probably nearby to protect both mother and child regardless. Mom is neither stupid nor irresponsible. If she didn’t care she likely wouldn’t have brought her at all.

      I think its good that they can share a concert or festival together. as mother and daughter.

      Besides that’s how kids dress today! Anyway.