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MTV Movie Awards Fashion Post!

I mean, come on, David Hasselhoff was there.

I mean, come on, David Hasselhoff was there.

Is there an awards show more useless than the MTV Movie Awards? I’ve yet to find it. Anyway, the MTV Movie Awards happened with a bunch of “celebs” I didn’t even know or recognize (seriously, this red carpet hit new heights of “who the f-ck are these people”), and they mostly all wore hideous outfits. Let’s take a gander!

And freakin’ Grumpy Cat was there in Pharrell’s hat.

Make your picks for BEST, WORST, AND WTF look of the night!

One thing’s for sure: crop tops aren’t going anywhere, and Rihanna was wearing a damn bathing suit.


Adrian Grenier. I like the tux, though I don’t know if it suits his complexion 100%, but I like that it’s differently and it fits him (mostly) well.



Bella Thorne. Oh girl, this is so awful. It’s like ancient Egyptian mummy chic. Blegh.



Chrissy Tiegen. I hate this. It seems like something you’d put on a 6 year old, and looks about that size, too. Sorry.



This is Christine Bently, a Z-list actress, but I’m singling her out because although I’m usually against Herve Leger/bandage dresses, I like this one, and I think she really rocks it hard.



I like this on Debby Ryan, but I can’t tell if it’s pants or a dress. Either way, she looks fab.



Ellie Goulding also went with cutouts in her dress — another popular look aside from the crop top — and I think she wears it well.



This is Holland Roden from Teen Wolf in something that’s just awful. I like the shoes but they don’t work with this, though I admire her for matching her lipstick and nail color to her heels so expertly.



Jessica Alba in something pretty, yet boring. Boring because it’s so freakin’ trendy now to wear a crop top with a very high-waisted skirt. I’m yawning. Sorry, y’all, I’m like Grumpy Cat today.



This is Jillian Rose Reed of Awkward. Speaking of which, that’s how I feel about this dress: awkward. I think it’s too short in the wrong places and that it doesn’t particularly flatter her figure.



Leslie Mann. Since I’m already grumpy, I’ll just go for it and say, I’ve never liked Leslie Mann and I don’t know why. Something about her facial expressions really bother me. But I like this dress and the shoes and I think she looks great. So there.



I think this is a rare miss for Lupita Nyong’o. Usually she nails it, but I think there’s way too much going on here. Love the shoes, though. She pulls of vibrant, neon colors so well.



How very subdued for Nicki Minaj. I guess we’re seeing “actress Nicki” here. I like it but I think there’s too many pieces of jewelry. She doesn’t need all that. She’s beautiful.



What 1990’s Destiny’s Child time machine did Pia Mia step out of?



This is designer Rachel Antonoff. I always appreciate when ladies do something different on the red carpet, so I put this here. Love it or hate it, but at least it’s different. I’m somewhere in between. I would love this suit so much more if not for the Colonel Sanders-style bowtie.



Here’s Rihanna being glamorous in a damn bathing suit and night robe. Yeah, it’s probably not literally a bathing suit, but it looks like one, and I think it’s a tad ridiculous, though she still looks bangin’. I love it when she tones down the makeup.



I also love it when Rita Ora tones it down. I think she looks gorgeous here. And here’s a closeup of her clutch she was showing off all down the red carpet:


Okay. Thanks! We see it.



Look upon Seth Rogen‘s field of f-cks, and you shall see that it is barren.



Shailene Woodley. Okay, love the shoes, love the proportions, hate the crop top, the tie on the crop top, the waistband on the skirt, and the color of everything.



Snooki looks like she hopped into a Forever 21 an hour before the show and bought whatever was in the window. The mannequin was probably posed like this, too.



TV actress Vanessa Marano, in yet another crop top ensemble. I’m not thrilled about it, and it appears she isn’t either.



Victoria Justice is too pretty for this atrocious dress.



Zac Efron‘s outfit is so confusing. The top says “I’m going to Home Depot!” but the bottom says “I gotta be back in time to join my Jared Leto tribute band.” I actually like the skinny jeans and shoes, but they don’t work at all with the shirt. Pick a look, Zac.



Zendaya Coleman. I know this Disney star best from Dancing with the Stars. I think she’s so cute but I think this dress is a horrible…misstep. (GET IT? DANCING PUN!)

Okay, here is usually where I make my own picks for BEST, WORST, and WTF, but these were all so bad, I’m gonna need your guys’ help on this one. So what look do you think is…

WTF: ?

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