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Johnny Depp is testifying in a bizarre murder trial

johnny depp

This is a bit of a weird one. Johnny Depp was subpoenaed this week to testify in a murder case involving an insane woman who dragged and killed a pedestrian with her car back in 2009. What’s all this got to do with Johnny, you might ask? Well, the suspect’s lawyer wants to get her declared as insane and apparently at the time of the crime, she claimed she and Johnny were in a relationship, which is why she was in the neighbourhood – to meet up with him.

Here’s TMZ‘s rundown:

Depp was served with legal docs at his premiere Thursday in Hollywood (above) for his movie, “Transcendence.”  And here’s why.

Nancy Lekon was driving a limo in downtown L.A.’s Skid Row neighborhood back in 2009 and allegedly mowed down a pedestrian, dragging her for a mile and killing her.

Lekon has been charged with murder and will stand trial later this month.  She pled not guilty by reason of insanity. As for how her public defender plans to prove she was insane at the time of the killing … enter Johnny Depp.

Lekon told officers at the time of her arrest she was in a relationship with Johnny Depp and was in the area so they could rendezvous.  The public defender now wants to call Johnny to the stand, to show the jury she’s delusional.

We’re assuming Johnny will testify he doesn’t know Lekon.

Damn, being a celebrity is crazy (no pun intended). Can he not just give a statement? Does he actually have to appear at court? That’s kinda giving the woman what she wants, isn’t it? She’s clearly obsessed with Johnny… I dunno, it’s all pretty bizarre.

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  • Yeah.. Depp/ Depp’s attorney is going to get that Subpoena quashed, no doubt. How stupid of that attorney. Depp is not the best nor most convenient way to show insanity, that would be a doctor. Nor would he have material testimony that cannot be produced another way. stupid. Prob just want media attention.

  • Johnny could give a taped deposition or give a deposition over the phone without having to come into court. It’s bizarre as hell. Just her claim and his denial wouldn’t mean squat without psychiatric confirmation, which I assume the fame-ho lawyer has as well.