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Kim Kardashian’s ass had fun in Thailand

kim kardashian ass 7

God only knows what this photoshoot Kim Kardashian did in Thailand was for, but any excuse to get her ass out is a good thing, I suppose. Indeed, Kim stripped down to a gold bikini to show off her “completely natural” cheeks as she frolicked on the beach.

I can’t hate on Kimmycakes too much – she does indeed have the best body money can buy, so good for her. I just wish we could publicly celebrate the miracles of plastic surgery instead of trying to pretend homegirl was born this way.

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  • I think her ass looks ridiculous and alien like, it’s so disproportional, looks like a balloon got stuck to her lower back. I bet her natural butt looks much better (and waay smaller). Come on, Kimmie… own up to your butt lift and possible injections!

  • are we all in agreement that this is NOT her natural ass? I mean…I hate to sound naive but wouldn’t implants look kind of fake? The only time that ass looks fake is that side view – when she’s lying on her stomach it looks real.

    I am so confused! Either way – agree that it make her look dumpy. freakishly dumpy…

  • Wide load has the ugliest, freakish, most un-natural ass I’ve ever seen. Bitch is delusional and Krapye is def gay.

  • This ass of her looks cartoonish in size. I’m not saying it’s fake or that it’s real. I’m just saying it’s very odd to see someone with a butt that big with legs so spindly in comparison.

    I think she’s a beautiful woman (no matter what she injects in her butt or her face) but her backside looks really disproportionate to the rest of her body.

  • I think it’s gross she’s ugly and that racists troll she’s marrying, I wish the cartrashians would just go away. They make me sick, famous for doing NOTHING, well she did a sex tape that was really lame.

  • Who gives a flying fuck about this pig? She’s only “famous” because she’s a whore who “leaked” a sex tape.
    Stop giving her attention and she’ll go away.

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