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Brooke Burke-Charvet crashed her Maserati

brooke burke

Brooke Burke-Charvet is a bit of a non-starter in the entertainment world. She’s around, she’s employed, but no one really ever has much to say about her. That is, until she crashed her Maserati up an embankment and through a fence in Calabasas, California, where all the fun happens.

While most people assumed this was a drunk driving situation, turns out she was stone cold sober and passed a sobriety test with no problems. Brooke says it was a faulty steering wheel, which… what? That’s insane. If that’s the case, why isn’t she filing a multi-million dollar lawsuit against the car company since IT COULD HAVE KILLED HER?

She took to Twitter, as you do, to let everyone know that she’s okay and not a drunkard, and that actually seems to be the case here.

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