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Is Alanis Morissette’s dog being held hostage?

alanis morissette

I just had to use TMZ‘s original photo here because it literally made me laugh for a full 60 seconds before I pulled it together and tried to take this story seriously. Here’s the deal: Alanis Morissette is the owner of that handsome little canine above. His name is Circus, but he’s been kidnapped by Alanis’ former housekeeper when she got fired. The housekeeper is saying that Alanis gave her the dog because it was shitting everywhere but Alanis is saying they’re holding Circus hostage and now it’s some whole big thing.

Alanis and her hubby Mario Treadway filed a lawsuit trying to get the dog back, but now she says there’s a red alert — the singer is afraid the bad guys out there now know how much Circus means to her and she’s afraid they’ll take the dog and hold it for a king’s ransom.

Alanis’ hubby filed new legal docs, in which he says Circus “is not merely a piece of property. He is living and breathing,” adding each day he’s separated from the dog, “[my] heart suffers more and more.”

Treadway says the house manager is ultimately motivated by money and not love.  He says because both he and Alanis are well-known singers, the price tag for Circus goes up and the maid thinks she can score $25K easily … or so he says.

And here’s a video about this whole mess:

I don’t really know what to make any of this. To be honest, Alanis has engaged in some less than savoury behaviour in the past regarding former employees, so who can say?

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  • Uhm I read about this on Tumblr ages ago and apparently Alanis and her husband didn’t pay attention to the dog at all, and eventually she gave it to the housekeeper? idk