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Is this Katy Perry’s new boyfriend?

katy perry riff raff

Katy Perry has had some… interesting relationships, for sure, and her taste in men is certainly questionable. However, her latest choice of paramours – if it’s actually real (and I find it hard to believe that it is) – sorta takes the cake for WORST IDEA EVER. That’s because that person is none other than Riff Raff. You know, the guy who James Franco’s character in Spring Breakers was based on?

Apparently these two recently went on a “date” of some sort – as confirmed by both parties, though who knows what they even mean by that word. TMZ says they went for bowling, beer and sushi and apparently they had tons of fun. So much so that Riff Raff wants Katy to call him when she gets back in the country next week.

Katy, please. Learn from your mistakes. Stay far, far away.

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