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Ariana Grande slipped on dog pee, broke three toes

ariana grande pi

Ariana Grande doesn’t really strike me as all that exciting, to be honest – not to mention her judgment is slightly questionable considering her recent dalliance with Chris Brown – but this story might bring a schaudenfreude-induced smile to your face.

It seems as though Ariana was taking her dog Ophelia for a walk, when she accidentally slipped on the dog’s pee, slammed into a wall and broke three of her toes. This comes straight from Ariana – well, from a text she sent manager Scooter Braun:

ariana grande

So… how did I not realize until now that Ariana Grande shares a dipshit manager with Justin Bieber? This does not bode well. Also, still not sure how a grown ass man reconciles the fact the he’s still going by the moniker “Scooter”, despite his actual name being Scott and his age being over 7.

Side note: Does Ariana Grande ever wear her hair ANY other way? Yes, that’s a serious question.

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  • She wears extensions because her hair is fried after dyeing her hair every week for the shows she was on. She made a statement about it on twitter or something once.

  • is it bad i dont believe anything she says?? she probably broke her fingers by getting drunk and falling on her ass