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Justin Bieber thinks he’s James Dean

justin bieber james dean

Not sure what world Justin Bieber‘s living in that he thinks he’s anything like James Dean, but here we are. JB shared his “inspired” photo with the Instagram legion and also made sure to tell everyone not to ask him if he actually smokes “ciggys” because he doesn’t. He only smokes fat blunts and drinks Sizzurp, guys – COME ON!

His head looks like it was pasted on someone else’s body here and sorry, I’m just still not buying the bad boy routine. Throw him in solitary confinement for a few days and he’ll come out crying for his mommy.

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  • Good grief – this guy has no more resemblance to James Dean than kim kardashian has to Marilyn Monroe or Elizabeth Taylor. Both these people are desperate to prop up their sagging images. He’s an ill-mannered narcissistic arrogant creep who used to be a good singer and a good role model for kids. I thought he was going to leave music and retire to a desert island with his parasite father or something – can we still hope this will happen?

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