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Best And Worst Celebrity Looks Of The Week!


As you can see, my girl Courtney Stodden busted out her most charming outfit for this week’s edition of Best and Worst Celebrity Looks of the Week! But who else are we featuring? (Spoiler: Lena Dunham‘s got a new look, do you like it, and is Scarlett Johansson getting too thin?) Click on to find out, and check out last week’s looks here.


Alyson Hannigan looks cute as always, but I would have taken up the hem a little more; she’s so tiny and this dress almost swallows her.


So proud of Amy Poehler — she finally got the proportions right on an outfit. Usually something is too long. I think this looks adorable on her.



And guess who else surprised me? Aubrey Plaza. I actually really like this outfit and think she looks great!



I hate Camilla Belle‘s purple purse — it seems so minor, but it kind of brings down the whole look for me. But I still love this look, I think she looks fab in that dress and let’s take a closer look at her 1960’s Elizabeth Taylor inspired makeup and earrings:


Soooooo fab. Some people may think it’s a little much, but I personally love it. I think her features are strong enough to pull it off.



I love Cobie Smulders but girl needs a better stylist, ASAP. She looks like some sort of cruel Edwardian school teacher, and not in a fun Tim Burton way.



Just wanted everyone to see Courtney Stodden‘s head-to-toe elegance.



Cristin Milioti loves to play around with avant-garde and as a result, I’m never quite sure if I like what she’s wearing or not. I like the idea behind this, but I don’t think the top flatters her.



Okay, Ms. Dita Von Teese, this is a bit much, even for you. It looks like you actually forgot to wear a shirt. I know you intended this little bustier to be your shirt, but it looks kind of silly. There’s nothing alluring about this, it’s just like, hey um, your shirt appears to be motherf-cking missing, lady.



I like Ellie Goulding‘s very simple going-out outfit. It’s got some edge to it. If I were skinny I’d bust out leather (pleather?) pants (leggings?) too.



Oh my stars, Emma Watson, you are a GODDESS. Love everything about this, even the lipstick.



And Emmy Rossum always looks amazing and I also bow down to her. This whole look is perfection. Normally I’d be sick of her signature sweet, girly, retro style, but since she always pulls it off, I ain’t even mad.



Here’s Eva Mendes promoting her new clothing line and I really hope this look isn’t part of it, because the whole thing is kind of a clashing mess. Don’t worry, she’s still gorgeous.



Felicity Jones sporting some major WTF right here. This looks like some sort of goth Judy Jetson nightmare.



Whoa there, is Jennifer Connelly okay? She looks skinny, even for her. I’m a little distracted by it. But okay, the outfit: love the dress, hair and makeup is a big improvement from the last time we saw her, when she was trying to do old school and just looked old. But seriously, is she okay?



Oh my gosh, Kate Mara,what is going on here? Satin cropped pants with python printed heels and a sheer graphic blouse? Anyone feeling some 1990’s Contempo Casual vibes right now?



Kate Winslet got a star! Hooray! This photo is so odd, it makes her look 8 feet tall. Anyway, she looks great, when does she not?



Kim Kardashian. The proportions are off — shoes cut her off, especially combined with the length of the dress, and that jacket is just so not needed.



Lea Michele, I’m so sorry, but I hate this and am scratching my head why you would dress like Madonna circa 1991. Real head-scratcher, babes.



What do we think of Lena Dunham‘s new polished, sleek look? I like the shoes. That’s all I got. You?



Lily Allen is starting to remind me of Amy Winehouse and I’m not sure that’s a good thing. I LOVE Amy Winehouse and this look reminds me of her — specifically the hair and makeup — so just as long as Ms. Allen doesn’t go down the same path, we’re good. This look is totally not my style or taste at all, but she looks cute and comfortable so I’ll give it a pass.



And of course we have Reese Witherspoon in a cute “running errands” outfit. It wouldn’t be a post without her. Love that top, and pairing it all with a blazer is just inspired. Who is her stylist, anyone know?



I think Scarlett Johansson is getting too thin for her own good. Let’s check out another ScarJo look:



What in the hell is this? It’s like sexy Nancy Reagan cosplay. This doesn’t even look like Ms. Johansson. I think she’s getting too skinny, and I’m sticking to it. I really hope she’s okay.



And finally we have Sophia Bush in something that reminds me of Kirsten Dunst in The Virgin Suicides. I really like this, I’m just conflicted about all the embellishments on the dress.

Okay, time to pick your “winners” for BEST, WORST, and WTF of the week! Here’s mine:

BEST: Emma Watson/Emmy Rossum
WORST: Kate Mara
WTF: Dita Von Teese

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  • For an allegedly pregnant lady, Scarlett looks waaaay too thin. I’m sure she’s kind of freaking out because she’s got to film Black Widow stuff STAT before the pregnancy hits in full but this is scary thin.

  • My sister’s First trimester, she couldn’t keep her food down because She was suffering from morning sickness all day. Only food she can take is saltine crackers. So that’s probably the reason why scarjo is thin?

  • Cristin Milioti = Putrid color on her. Makes her look sick! Egads, woman.

    Camilla Belle = The whole look from afar gave me Ross/Marshalls/TJ Maxx vibes. Not that there’s anything wrong with that!

    Emmy Rossum = Bring that hem up, girl. Show them stems, memaw.

    Lea Michele = LOL! Oh little one who tries too hard…

    Lena Dunham = Fire your stylist. Stop looking gross. Improve your posture.

    Lily Allen = ‘ello botox! Still love ya.

    Scar Jo = Looks normal thus far. ‘Bout to put on some baby weight though, here’s hopin’. Start eating for 2, dumb dumb!

  • BTW, when you’re pregnant you do NOT need to “eat for two”… you only need to increase calorie intake by about 300-500. The more you overeat when you’re pregnant, the more likely your kid will have weight problems. Just sayin’.

  • Courtney Stodden is elegant? Please send me some of whatever you’re smoking. It seems like pretty good stuff.