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Kim Kardashian broke her diet for garlic noodles

kim kardashian

It’s a bit of a slow news day, which means we have nothing better to talk about than Kim Kardashian‘s culinary outings with best friend Brittany Gastineau, who you may remember from… nothing besides being Kim’s “friend”. The pair decided to have a nice little dinner outing – just the two of them and 100 members of the paparazzi they called before leaving the house – at Los Angeles eatery Crustacean on Wednesday night.

What Kim wore for this completely non-special evening can be seen above: some mixture of Calvin Klein and Tom Ford. Of course, a Kim K selfie isn’t a selfie without an ass shot, so she makes sure she turns to the side so you can see how “natural” that thing really is.

For the record, I do follow Kimmy’s Instagram now, just because the comments are HILARIOUS. So many haters, so little time. It’s delicious. Probably like those garlic noodles were that Kim had. She’s doing the Atkins diet, apparently, so there’s that.

Does your brain feel dead now?

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