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14Oh, great: Lea Michelle is going to have “a billion” kids

lea michele

Lea Michele is a hot ass mess, and not in a good way. She’s continuing to exploit the death of boyfriend and Glee co-star Cory Monteith to launch her own pop career. Hell, she’s even ATTEMPTING a pop career full stop. That should tell you the case of the Special Snowflakes this girl has right there.

As part of her Tour of Terror, she’s over in the UK promoting her solo album and appeared on Daybreak, where she revealed that she plans to have “a billion” kids (via DS):

Of having kids, Michele commented: “Of course – I’m going to have like a billion of them! But mainly because I always hated being an only child, I always wished I had more siblings!”

Asked whether late boyfriend and co-star Cory Monteith liked her new album Louder, Michele said: “Of course! This album was completed in June, so for such a long time I would just play it for my close friends and family, I can’t believe that now the whole world is getting to hear it – it’s pretty unbelievable.”


Also, the “whole world” isn’t going to hear that album, girl. Some of us are intentionally avoiding it, just FYI…

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March 19, 2014 at 2:30 pm by Jennifer
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14 Responses to “Oh, great: Lea Michelle is going to have “a billion” kids”

  1. Really says:

    Really she didn’t say nothing that could cause so much hate, what is the problem if she wants to have a big family?! And her album did well in the charts, she definetly has a public.

  2. BEC says:

    People who want heaps of kids are the worst. The world is over-populated as it is, if you have more than 2 kids you’re a selfish idiot

  3. juanhunglow says:

    impossible. after the 1st million her pussy will be so busted nobody will want to hit it.

  4. Mister J says:

    So you like Beyonce, you think ‘prism’ is a good album but you intentionally avoid ‘louder’? Oh my, work on your taste, girl.

  5. DavidH says:

    She want to have billions and I wouldn’t mind make them with her ;)

  6. Miss Beca says:

    Wait, doesn’t louder have that song about Corey dying on it? how had he heard it? Or, did that get tacked on later?

    • cocopuffsaredelicious says:

      Songs are made a recorded months, sometimes years before released to the public. She said that the album had been done when he was still alive. I’m sure they just had minor stuff to fix on the songs producing wise and cover art and all that jazz left before they could release for whatever reason.

  7. Bumsnooter says:

    I think she’s hot!

  8. Christina says:

    Wow…Jennifer your bitchiness is showing. My husband died two years ago so I can imagine some of the pain this girl might be going through. For you to say the things you said is rather cold-hearted imo. I noticed this is a fledgling site. I won’t be back.

  9. Huh says:

    Lol wow, I don’t know much about this girl but I want to be clear that in reading this/her versus you and your commentary, you’re the heartless c u n t here.

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