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Chris Pine Got Arrested for DUI

chris pine

What the hell is with these dumb ass celebrities and their love of getting behind the wheel of a car when they’ve been drinking? Honestly, I’d love if someone could tell me the logic behind this one.

Chris Pine is the latest on the long list of DUI assholes (because seriously, driving while drunk automatically makes you an asshole), and he was arrested for it in New Zealand this week.

From TMZ:

 Chris Pine was popped for DUI after blowing through a sobriety checkpoint and then allegedly blowing a .08.

Pine had been partying at a bar in New Zealand with some fellow actors and his girlfriend, beauty queen Iris Bjork Johannesdottir.

Law enforcement tells TMZ … he caught their eye after driving through the check point.  Officers then made him stop and Chris reportedly blew a .08 … the minimum for being legally drunk.

The incident occurred on March 1st.  He must appear in court on Monday, and if he doesn’t the judge will issue an arrest warrant.

Chris was his usual charming self … very polite and “easy to deal with.”

Well, isn’t that sweet that he was “polite” after blowing through a sobriety checkpoint and then being apprehended for doing something illegal. What a modern gent!

I don’t know Chris Pine much – I don’t follow his work or know anything about him other than the fact that he cries all the time and thinks Lindsay Lohan could still make a comeback, but I have no tolerance for shit like this, especially when the illegal shit you’re doing could potentially KILL somebody.

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  • Sorry, I have no tolerance for the harpies that want “zero tolerance” for drinking and driving. The MADD folks won’t be satisfied until we become like European weenies and get the DUI limit to 0.00.

  • Why are we discussing this? It happened in “New Zealand”. It’s not a real country anyways…might as well have been blowing little boys in Thailand.

  • I don’t know where you’re getting your info, Chuck, the majority of Europe falls between 0.05 and 0.08% exactly the same as the US. So get over your Xenophobia, pal.

    I hate drunk driving with a passion but to be fair to Chris Pine, he wasn’t drunk at 0.08, he was dead on the limit. He shouldn’t even have been cited at that level.

    • Maybe YOU need to do your research – MOST of Europe is either .02 or .05. Not zenophobic, just calling a spade a spade. The ridiculous DUI levels we are now putting up with in the USA are ALL because of the harpies at MADD and their insistence on following retarded European dictates. You know, cause it’s SOOOO much safer there.

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