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Khloe Kardashian Got Naked For Her First Vine Post


Khloe Kardashian doesn’t have much going on right now, it seems. The Game has publicly denied being at all involved with (or even interested in) her and has instead admitted that he’s already fucked her sister. Her old house with her soon-to-be crackhead ex-husband was recently robbed and she has a fat brother. What’s there for a girl to do besides join Vine and get topless for her first video?

“Khlomoney” posted the following clip yesterday with zero explanation, so I’ll just leave this here. What’s with this family’s need for perpetual attention?

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  • It’s really simple: Attention = Money. What’s with Bruce Jenner, though? Is he as attention/money obsessed as the rest of them? Is he a metrossexual, a transvestite, or what? How did he turn from an olympian decathlete into… whatever he is now?

  • Why oh why does anyone care about any Kardashian? I’m not judging because, after all, I did read this item too. But the entire lot of them do not possess one redeeming quality, let alone any talent. It’s all naked pictures, sex tapes, hook ups, and family train wreck. Please, no more, save us from ourselves!